Hwang-Yong Haidong Gumdo

What is Haidong Gumdo?

Haidong gumdo is a Korean sword martial art. A total of four words in the name can be translated as follows:

Hai- sea
Dong - east
Gum - sword
Do - the way (from Chinese Tao)

It is therefore the "Korean sword path from the eastern sea" where the sun rises. The morning dawn symbolizes something newborn and bright light.

Haidong gumdo draws on Korean culture and martial traditions that date back to the mighty kingdom of Goguryeo. It was this kingdom that for centuries defended the entire Korean peninsula from the mighty China from swallowing the unique Korean culture.

Yet haidong gumdo is a modern Korean martial art founded by Grandmaster Kim Jeong Ho, a fusion of Goguryeo swordsmanship traditions and Korean culture. Grandmaster Kim entered the Cheoninam Buddhist monastery in the Gwanak Mountains on the outskirts of Seoul at the age of 8 (1961), where he met his teacher, monk Jang Baek San, who taught him primarily through routines and historical stories. Grandmaster Kim opened the first dojang on 24 July 1982 in Anyang, south of Seoul. Less than two years later on April 10, 1984, the Korean Haidong Gumdo Association was officially established in Seocho, Seoul.


There is no equivalent for english. Czech text: Tréninky o prázdninách a Velkém podzimním soustředění
October 21, 2021
There is no equivalent for english. Czech text:


v průběhu Velkého podzimního soustředění a prázdnin (od pátku 22. do neděle 31.10.) odpadají všechny tréninky, pokud učitel neoznámí jinak. Pokud si chcete intenzivně zacvičit a třeba na konci zvládnout zkoušky, rádi vás uvidíme na soustředění.

author: Vladimír Laš
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September 14, 2021
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Byly vypsány časy tréninků pro podzim 2021.

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Payment information for the next season
June 13, 2021

Under the link you can find information about payment for the next season. For the first time in a very long time, there is a change in the way membership fees are paid (including a change in the school account), so please pay close attention to the information and consult your teacher if you are unsure.

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May 12, 2021
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Taekwon taekwoňákům,

a máme tu další tréninky na památkách. Tentokrát hned dvě Unesco památky a tajemný Rokštejn (kdo nás bude čekat na Roštejně, tak tam proběhne samostatný trénink:))). Všechny členy zvu na jakoukoli část tohoto níže zmíněného programu. Vstupné zdarma a můj ...

author: Martin Zámečník
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January 12, 2021
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Opět rozjíždíme další kolo těchto velmi intenzivních a unikátních tréninků. Podmínky jsou obdobné jako na jaře a podzim s drobnými vylepšeními. Najdete níže, co musí obsahovat žádost:

 - 1 za měsíc, pokud nebude určeno jinak
- výběr fyzicky venku nebo on-line (novinka - ...

author: Martin Zámečník

In order to spread this martial art worldwide, the World Federation of Haidong Gumdo was founded on November 25, 1996, and in November 2000, it sent the first Haidong Gumdo teacher, Master Han Sang Hyun, to Europe (Portugal), who through his efforts spread the Korean sword to many European countries and became the founder of the European Federation. The technical director of the European Haidong Gumdo Federation is another Korean master, Lee Chul Kyung. Thanks to this master and the Polish master Mariusz Bil, who contacted the Czech Taekwon-Do master Martin Zámečník, the first seminar was held in Prague at the Campanus Elementary School in November 2017. Since then, Master Zámečník has regularly travelled to Poland to meet Master Bil, Master Lee to Switzerland and France and Master Han to Korea, inviting these teachers to the Czech Republic several times a year for seminars and camps. In 2019, Martin Zámečník became the first black belt holder in the Czech Republic, founded the first Hwang Yong school in Prague and conducted the first yellow belt examinations for his students (Tereza Danielisová, Lenka Seménková, Tereza Koubková).

If you are interested in becoming a pioneer of Czech haidong gumdo, learning this complete Korean martial art and learning to control not only the sword but also yourself, come to the training. Don´t be afraid to take the first step!!!


Trainings are suitable for all age categories without the need of previous martial arts experience. For preschool children we recommend the participation of older sibling, parents or grandparents.

Meanwhile, we are opening lessons at elementary school Campanus, Prague 11. On the basis of interest we will open other groups outside of Prague.

  • Wensday 18:45 – 19:45
  • Sunday 16:45 - 17:45 in these terms:
    • 12 September 2021
    • 19 September 2021
    • 3 October 2021
    • 31 October 2021
    • 7 November 2021
    • 28 November 2021

  • Saturday 16:45 - 17:45 in these terms:
    • 4 December 2021
    • 11 December 2021

Trainings and examinations are only for members. Perhaps one training to try.



Tution-fee are required for participation in regular trainings, camps, special weekends and exams. Tuition-fee must be paid for each month of teaching started, regardless of how often you go or do not go to training. The first training is a trial. To sign up to study Haidong Gumdo, fill out the online application form. You can finish your studies by excluding, dying, or completing a cancellation form.

The annual tuition fee is for the period August to July of the following year. Half-yearly are August - January and February - July.

Teachers and assistants have a 100% discount. The second member of the family has a discount of 25%, the third member 50%, the fourth member 75%, the fifth and each additional member 100%. One family is defined as 2 parents and children living in the same household.

A new member pays 1000 CZK in the semester in which he/she first comes to the training. Newcomers in January and July can pay this fee in the next semester.

By paying a lifetime membership, you get the opportunity to register for free in all other martial arts offered by our school and receive a 20% discount on renting our center in Beztahov.

A member paying an annual or semi-annual membership receives a 10% discount on renting our center at Beztahov.

It is possible to pay at the trainings in cash to the teacher or to an account with the name for whom and what you pay for in the note. For example, "Jan Žižka tuition gumdo".

Account number : 2001870779
Bank code : 2010
Newcommer Annual fee Semestral fee Keeping membership Lifetime membership
1 000 CZK 4 800 CZK 2 600 CZK 1 500 CZK 99 999 CZK


Martin Zámečník
+420 603 302 739